Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Businesses During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly changing the behavior towards online channels and it is expected that these shifts are likely to stick post this pandemic. During these unprecedented times, staying connected is important amid the new normal of social distancing. Although the future is still uncertain, there’s one thing that businesses are doing right in the world of digital marketing – social media marketing.


Just the way we have seen with other disasters like the tsunami, the terrorist attacks in Paris over the past years, we are now seeing people across the world reaching out to one another through social media to make sense of what’s happening. In fact, most businesses are turning to social media platforms for connecting with their customers and increase sales. And, with social media marketing strategy becoming increasingly important, brands need to focus on user-centric posts that deliver messages and engage in conversations.


Here’s how you can use social media for businesses during this pandemic.


5 Principles For Social Media Marketing In The Era Of Novel Coronavirus


    1. Listen & Acknowledge:

Ignoring the pandemic or turning a blind eye and pretending everything is normal can give your business a bad reputation. So, you should let your followers know that you are listening and acknowledging the new normal. For instance, even a simple “It feels weird to promote sales right now, but to help keep the staff keep their jobs…” can go a long way in demonstrating your followers that you are listening and acknowledging them. This way, you can humanize your brand.


    1. Post Regularly:

During this pandemic, people who follow your account on social media platforms are spending more time online. So, you should stay connected with them and opt for social media marketing. In case you are unable to sell or advertise currently, consider focusing on sharing content that aligns with your brand values. Keep in mind that the copy in your captions is more essential now than ever before since it can provide context for the content that you shot a few weeks ago.


    1. Provides Organic Value:

In these unprecedented times, convert your Instagram into a useful resource for your audience. Instead of driving traffic, focus on engagement at first by providing education through videos, captions or carousel posts. Rather than using Instagram as a traffic driver, focus on providing education and value organically on Instagram.


    1. Be Empathetic:

COVID-19 is affecting people throughout the world, in different ways. Keep in mind that you need to think outside of your situation and instead have empathy for your followers. So, must think twice before posting any meme!
Even though you do not have to mention novel coronavirus in each of your content, do take into account the tone of your captions and how it can be interpreted by people who are facing a different reality than you. You need to keep in mind that some of your followers may have lost their followers, might be sick themselves, trying to work from home with an infant, or are taking care of a dear one.


    1. Connect Emotionally With Customers:

You should always create an emotional connection with your customers. So consider inviting and encouraging your customers to interact with you. You should inspire them to follow you through the crisis by sharing interactive posts on social networking platforms. Remember; businesses that are engaging with their fans and customers now will remain at the top of their mind. Customers will remember these businesses when the markets turn around.



Keep in mind the above guiding principles and ensure you do not exploit your audience. If you have been highly focused on leads, revenue and conversions, this is a great time to re-evaluate your social media brand. If you need professional social media marketing in Denmark, approach the specialists so that they can outline the best social media strategy for your business needs.


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