Why Is Magento Webshop The Best E-Commerce Solution For Start-Ups?

In this era of digitalisation, grabbing and holding online users’ attention is the key to a profitable business. Making their online store stand out from the clutter to attract people’s attention and holding it enough to deliver your message is important, particularly for start-ups looking to create a niche for themselves. And, this is the reason why most start-ups are switching to Magento webshop solutions.

E-commerce is a fast-paced and ever-growing market today where entrepreneurs face stern competition when they start their new business. This happens when they join the team of big guns in the field of the same businesses. No matter what industry you belong to, you need the best e-commerce platform for running your start-up smoothly. Although there are numerous platforms for running an e-commerce business, most reputed e-commerce sites and premier brands trust Magento – the best e-commerce platform for start-ups.

The post below breaks down why start-ups choose the Magento e-commerce platform.

Major Reasons Start-Ups Are Switching To Magento Webshop Development

1. SEO-Friendly E-Commerce Platform

Search engine ranking is vital for online businesses and so entrepreneurs make all the possible efforts to boost their SERP ranking. Magento offers various SEO-friendly URLs to start-ups for improving their search engine rankings. Also, it builds Meta descriptions, customised keywords, and Google sitemap that are important to improve search engine rankings of e-commerce websites.  It is this friendliness to SEO that makes Magento a great e-commerce platform.

2. Ready-To-Use Extensions

One compelling reason most start-ups admire Magento is that it has an extension marketplace that is full of various real-world problem-solving extensions that are specifically built by the members of the community. If there is a functionality you specifically want for your online e-commerce store, it is highly likely that it will already be present in Magento’s extension marketplace as a ready-to-use extension.

Ready-to-use extensions also enhance the ease of development and help developers deliver a fast response to customers. Using the Magento webshop for the development of your e-commerce store can also boost your sales, thus helping your business succeed.

3. World-Class Customer Segmentation

Businesses of every size need to divide customers based on numerous factors like user activity, search history, shopping cart details, as well as purchasing history. And, with Magento e-commerce development, the sectionalisation of customers is easy. The sectionalisation makes groups which help in targeting people for business purposes.

The segmentation function helps start-ups plan their digital marketing and sales strategies in a better and more efficient way. This is because they have data at hand that enables them to provide relevant information about the users’ behaviour and the different customer segments they have reached.

4. Secured E-Commerce Platform

When it comes to e-commerce websites, security is a major concern of every business. In fact, with the rise in cyber-security breaches, security is the topmost priority for any online business. Opting for Magento webshop solutions can thus be very beneficial as the platform offers the best data encryption for carrying out the transactions easily. By using the Magento e-commerce platform, developers can ensure there is no security gap and give you complete data security for all transactions.

5. Mobile-Friendly Platform

Currently, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used more in comparison to laptops and desktops. This is the reason why almost 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays. So, making your e-commerce site mobile-friendly is essential.

Magento ecommerce development allows you to collate applications for Android devices and iPhone/iPad that have an HTML5 interface. Due to the enhanced mobility attributes of this platform, instigating slide-and-zoom and drag-and-drop functions on the mobile site is very easy. Magneto themes offer mobile-friendly responsiveness, resulting in a mobile adaptive website.

Final Words:

Magento webshop offers the greatest benefits of running a successful e-commerce store. The e-commerce platform helps you achieve business growth, increase lead conversions, reduce operation costs, and have a stronger online presence. Hiring qualified Magento developers for your e-commerce start-up can thus be the key to making your business succeed.

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