Webshop Løsning In 2020: Top Emerging Trends To Watch Out For

eCommerce is on the rise at a rapid pace throughout the world. In recent years, eCommerce has revolutionized the retail industry and has drastically evolved to meet the varying needs of individuals and to make online shopping easier for modern-day customers. Be it customization, improved integration, or better return policies, each of these changes along with countless others have taken the eCommerce world by storm.


No matter how small or big your business is or what your industry niche is, there are numerous competitors out there trying to draw the attention of the same customers as you. This means that your outreach to potential customers cannot standstill. Pincreate – an avant-garde bureau that specializes in providing webshop løsning in Copenhagen, believes that you need to stay on top of the newest eCommerce trends and adopt them in due course to engage potential customers and grow your business.


  1. Why Are ECommerce Trends So Important?

With each passing day, the world of eCommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to consistently monitor the eCommerce trends. Regardless of how good your eCommerce site is, if you do not keep up with the latest trends, you will risk falling drastically behind. So, you need to keep looking ahead to ensure success in the future.


You need to know these trends well so that you can make the most of them. Ensure you analyze and adopt the trends on time so that you can drive your eCommerce brand forward and also stay ahead of the competition.


That said, here’re a few eCommerce trends that will shape the success of your eCommerce store in 2020.

  1. ECommerce’s Future After COVID-19

Undeniably, COVID-19 is one of the major impacts on eCommerce trends this year. With governments throughout the world implementing lockdowns and shutting shops to restrict social movement for several months to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, increasingly individuals are resorting to online shopping.


Experts predict that the impact of the COVID-19 will not just be a short-term boost to eCommerce but one that’s going to stay, even after this pandemic. Wondering why? Well, this is because people will get comfortable with the convenience online shopping offers and contactless payments. Market analysts believe that the eCommerce industry will be the greatest beneficiary of the pandemic.


  1. Online Sales Growth Is Persistent

Over the years, eCommerce sales have been growing constantly. With the rising popularity of eCommerce stores and webshop løsning, an increasing number of individuals are turning to online shopping. Besides the level of comfort provided to shoppers, there is also an increase in the trust of buyers and improved user experience. And with all the comfort provided, it is no surprise that online sales growth is getting unstoppable.


  1. Voice ECommerce Is On The Rise

Voice shopping is increasing among internet users and so is the total spending on voice shopping. It is a non-visual experience where customers have to choose their products by providing a verbal description of what they are seeking. Voice shopping is primarily used by customers as a sales channel. This denotes that instead of using voice search as a browsing experience for researching what to buy, they use voice search after they have already decided on their purchase.


  1. Mobile Shopping Is Growing


eCommerce growth has been largely driven by the increase in the usage of mobile devices. Not only do people just shop online, but they also use their mobile devices to research and browse before deciding what to purchase. With trust in online shopping increasing, modern consumers feel more comfortable shopping on their mobile devices. This is especially true for Gen Z and Millennials who have grown up using computers and the internet. As a result, more websites are now optimized for mobile use.


  1. Role Of Artificial Intelligence


According to BusinessWire, 2018, the global retailers spending on AI will reach $7.3 billion annually by the year 2022. With retailers targeting new avenues to increase the personalization of the customer experience, this is bound to happen.


The role of AI will become stronger in the future since retailers invest in enhancing areas like customer service where AI can be very useful to understand the reactions of customers to their product or service. Furthermore, retailers will be willing to invest in AI tools like automated marketing platforms and chatbots to improve their customer service.



Adapting to these emerging trends can not only help you get higher ROI, but also produce satisfied customers. So, if you have an eCommerce store of your own, implement these trends to take your business to the next level in 2020 with webshop løsning!

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