Hiring A SEO Bureau For Your Business: Is It Still Relevant In 2020?

With a new strategy or technology arising almost every day and claiming to be the best for business owners (particularly SEO strategies), you need to determine what really works for growing your business. Confused if SEO is still worth investing in? Wondering if hiring specialists for generating organic traffic a prominent strategy in 2020? Well, in a word: YES.


The countless methods and tools out there often make entrepreneurs feel disillusioned about the marketing methods to adopt. This makes it common for business owners to question if strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) still work in this age. However, the reality is that search engine optimisation still a viable marketing strategy in 2020. So, hiring a leading SEO bureau is still a wise investment.

Why SEO Still Matters In 2020?

Search engine optimisation matters, and this strategy is much more important than ever. It is a crucial component of successful digital marketing efforts. In fact, it can be a difference between attracting organic traffic and getting lost among the millions of other websites on the internet.


Since algorithm changes continue to reward sites with high-quality content, some marketers are starting to think that as long as they post worthwhile content, search engine optimisation doesn’t matter. While quality content is excellent for building customer trust and getting the users to want to visit your site, it cannot be found on its own. It is when you partner with a top SEO company, can your users find you in the first place. Remember; even the best content is useless if no one sees it.

Why Is Organic Website Traffic So Important For Businesses?

Organic traffic is responsible for a majority of visitors coming to your site, trumping all other sources like paid and social traffic. Besides being the top source of your website visitors, organic traffic can benefit you in several ways like-

• Organic traffic is highly targeted in terms of the user intent
• Rankings are crucial to local businesses
• It is very cost-effective
• Voice search and AI technologies make it future proof
• Generates more traffic and brings more sales
Reasons Professional SEO Services Still Matters
1. People Browse The Internet Via Search

Internet is the primary method used by most people to find information and sites, making it important to be listed in their results. It is estimated that Google alone processes around 40,000 search query every second, and there’s a high chance that at least a few of those searches relate to the kind of products or services you offer. And, seeking professional SEO services is the ideal way to connect with users who can possibly become your customers.

2. Relevance Of Keywords

Today, search engines process keywords in a different way than what they used to. Although old practices like keyword stuffing now come with penalties, keywords are still relevant to achieving a top rank in the search engines. You just need to know how to use them properly. The more valuable your keywords are, the more qualified your traffic will be.

3. Content Visibility Relies On SEO

Content cannot get successful without search engine optimisation. All your efforts can go waste if you spend time and resources in developing content that fails in the search engines. Hiring a reputable SEO bureau that specialises in offering result-oriented services can help you ensure that your content gets the recognition it deserves.

Ways You Can Optimise Your Site To Attract Visitors

Wondering how to optimise your website to gain the attention of the right visitors and earn more customers? Listed below are a few useful tips to help you get started-

• Use the best tools to discover keywords
• Focus on the right long-tail keywords
• Integrate your keywords naturally

Now that you are aware of the importance of SEO, there is no better time to get started with SEO than now. Enlisting the services of a premier SEO company like Pincreate can be a major driver of organic traffic and generate leads to your website. Time to benefit from result-driven search engine optimisation services!

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