Essential Tips To Increasing Webshop Sales & Countering Friction

In the current era, webshop owners are often a victim of ‘friction’. A jargon to the laymen, in simple terms, it refers to the challenging experience to which shoppers are exposed while making purchases from a poorly designed and developed webshop. To you, as a reader, it might appear unimportant, but if you walk a mile in merchants’ shoes, you would understand its adverse impacts on their revenue. Even if you think from the stance of a shopper, you would soon discover how frustrating it is to complete a purchase. Given the displeasure it conveys to both the parties, let’s seek out some solutions to common causes of webshop frictions and check out the ways to proceed.


#1 Improve Web Performance:

With Amazon setting an example, by investing generously on responsive experiences and fast loading web pages, shoppers naturally expect the same from similar anonymous webshops. However, the primary issues witnessed across major eCommerce sites are slow loading pages and delays in interactive parts like the checkout interface and the shopping cart section. However, just as every hurdle has a way to cross, this too has a solution with a focus on the following:


  • •Web Hosting

If your online store slows down under load, consider upgrading to a robust hosting solution or change your hosting provider to someone who’s capable.

  • •Implementing CDN

To eliminate latency, consider using a Content Distribution Network (CDN), covering asset (images & scripts) upload to servers to which shoppers can have access by reaching their nearest CDN server.

  • •Cutting Down Page Weight

Since larger pages take much time to download, cut down the weight by eliminating useless JavaScript and optimising images. Webshop solution offered by full-service agencies like Pincreate covers it all in exchange for a nominal charge. So there’s nothing to feel intimidated about, as there are webshop design and webudvikling specialists in København, to show you the way out of a tight spot.


#2 Simplify Checkouts:

At times, the checkout processes are so convoluted that first-time shoppers often feel discouraged to come back again for shopping. To eliminate this issue of abandoned carts, the only way out is a simpler checkout page through the following:


  • •Inclusion Of Social Logins

The incorporation of quick sign-in systems through Facebook and Google can promise shoppers a hassle-free purchase completion. To retailers, it’s advantageous as well, since they receive access to enriched customer information.

  • •Effortless Checkouts

With Amazon’s one-click system witnessing an expiration, it’s high time you take advantage of the situation and incorporate the same to your webshop design. Such a technique can shorten the checkout procedure considerably.


#3 Focus On Improving Sales Copy & Images:

To online retailers, a webshop is much like a sales funnel, ending with checkouts. However, to carry shoppers across, on-page content is absolutely necessary. This includes an enriched sales copy with interactive videos and images in order to support an informed decision.

So in order to succeed and contribute to a webshop’s conversion rate, the retailer has to invest in a professional copywriter, who has a flair for writing.



E-commerce stores have witnessed a myriad of innovations in the past few years. Things like voice ordering, one-click checkouts, the introduction of chatbots and single-page checkouts are much common now. All of these have been covered, keeping one thing in mind- to make the purchase easier. So if you are operating an eCommerce store of your own, you could easily create for your site-visitors a friction-free journey through the incorporation of the discussed elements. Successful inclusion can render soaring revenues and a bumper profit for sure!


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