COVID-19: Contribution of App Developers in the Fight against Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused havoc around the world, and with every business pitching in to help the crowd, do you think the private sector would keep shut or stay still? Of course not! While some are working relentlessly to supply diagnostic tools, ventilators and necessary gloves, others in mobile app development in Copenhagen and beyond are tirelessly finding new ways to deal with the crisis. By powering technology, the latter group is perpetually assisting Governments and health providers from all over the world to spread awareness about the life-threatening virus. Let’s look at some of the ways by which such apps, accessible with just a tap on them, are playing a role in combating the novel coronavirus.


Different Apps, Different Purposes!


With social distancing growing up to be the recent norm in all countries, including Denmark, spreading of awareness about the disease and communicating the seriousness of the situation or tackling it smartly would have remained a distant dream, had app development been an unexplored zone. But thanks to digital marketers and app developers for making it possible! Let’s look at some of the best ways by which apps are catering to users, far and wide.


Apps sharing updates on COVID-19


With the lockdown phase in full swing, people have hardly anything to do, apart from glancing time and again into their handheld devices. But with the proliferation of apps, serving users with the total number of COVID-19 cases right on the dashboard and treatment and isolation centre details on the maps, it has become incredibly easy for people to keep a tab on the outside world without crossing the safety lines i.e. leaving their homes. Available in different languages, the apps in discussion display the total number of active cases, deaths and discharged cases, all together on a single platform for the convenience of users.


Apps Finding out whether the User has Crossed Path with an Infected Person


Developed solely to determine whether the user requires self-isolation without moving out of the house for a check-up, it runs obviously on Internet, but also requires two other features for standing true to its purpose – Bluetooth and GPS. Both have to be turned on for the app to map a social graph indicating whether the asymptomatic person has come into contact with an infected person and steps to follow on self-isolation.


Apps for Donations


Besides the usual statistics of the aggregate number of active cases in the country to tiny enlightening features like myth busters, some apps have also been powered to extend financial help to their respective Governments.


Apps for Lending Computing Power to COVID-19 Researchers


There are a few more apps for those who wish to take the community welfare agenda forward. Such apps enable users to share the computing power of their smartphones for the Coronavirus researchers, who are toiling day and night to find a vaccine to fight the virus. Wondering how it works? Well, it optimises the GPU and CPU of the handheld device when the same isn’t in use.


Apps for Booking COVID-19 Tests


Unlike the prior, where app development has wonderfully reached a new horizon, there are the usual ones which demand just a doctor’s prescription, a photo ID and test requisition to book tests from diagnostic centres online. With such an app, people can now hire the services of a Phlebotomist to collect samples from one’s doorstep without violating the lockdown protocols.


Apps to keep a Tab on the Virus Spread and People at Risk


Developers in collaboration with researchers and medical experts have also developed an app, which allows the user to report their symptoms by taking a test regularly. The same takes just a minute or so to collect data from the users and publish a report on their health.


Apps to Reveal the Geographical Spread of Infection


There have also been apps that didn’t expect much of response but was dumbfounded to receive about 3600 responses on the first day of its launch. The mechanism is simple with the application throwing seven questions at the user to determine the spread of the novel coronavirus across diverse geographical locations. It is also breaking down the data into age cohorts to uncover the impacts of the pandemic on people of different ages.

While those optimised for Android are being powered with Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, others working on iOS are utilising technologies like Swift, Objective-C and iOS SDK to produce innovative apps.


Final Thoughts:


The contribution of app developers in such a testing time has been tremendous. And, there’s no doubt in the same. With grocery apps making it easy for people to beat hunger pangs by reaching departmental stores for essential commodities and others as discussed above, the intensity of the situation has alleviated to some extent. All thanks to the teams working in app development in Copenhagen and across the world for bridging the gap between the quarantined people and the authorities running the States! None of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of app developers and the low app development prices charged by them.


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