A Checklist for Savvy Marketers Sending Marketing Emails

Let’s be honest. We all have, for once in our lifetime, sent an email only to realise that the call-to-action area had a broken link or maybe the images on them were a little distorted. Whether you term them as silly mistakes or try to blame your bustling schedule, it won’t change the fact that it’s a matter of embarrassment more than anything else. Moreover, the feeling of all your efforts going in vain is a different sort of disappointment altogether. And not just you, this has been the case of almost every digital marketing bureau in Denmark and beyond. Hence the emergence of test sends, enabling email marketing service providers to review the email before sending them out to everyone in their contact list. However, only leveraging it will not help, if you miss out on the checklist below.

Things to Check Out Before Hitting the ‘Send’ Button in your Email Test Sends

  • Forgotten Links

One of the most regrettable instances is to miss out linking and it can be anything from CTA button to images to anchor texts and further to sharing icons. So, verify if everything has been properly linked without fail to save yourself from an embarrassment.


  • Grammatical/ Spelling Errors

Whether it’s just a few lines, an entire blog post or an eBook, always make sure you run the spell check and get it proofread by the biggest grammar geek around you to save yourself and your company another moment of embarrassment.


  • Improper Formatting

Formatting text might sound trivial to some but it’s of utmost importance to the viewers. Little things like improper display of bullets or lack of space between two lines raise questions on professionalism. So, do not forget to rectify them before hitting the send button on the email.


  • Broken Links

Ask a marketer from any of those SEO bureau in Denmark or around about his biggest nightmare when the matter concerns email marketing. The first and foremost thing that the individual will point out shall be broken link. It’s often a barrier in one’s lead generation goal, which is why we have included this point in our checklist. Before sending, halt at each one of those embedded links to check whether they open to a 404-error page or loads rightly.


  • Background Colour Issues

Besides checking whether the chosen font colour is putting a strain on the readers’ eyes or failing to pop out from the background colour, make sure the visibility of your created email template does not rely entirely on the shade used at the backdrop. While it certainly works from an aesthetic viewpoint, in some recipient’s email copy, it appears invisible, especially when you choose a dark grey backdrop and a white font to type over it.


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Test how different devices interpret your email template. Save yourself the trouble by not sending them to all devices but a few of the most popular ones, including browsers. Pick the winning version later to create a template to send them across to your target audience.


  • Moniker and Subject Line

Always add a personalised touch by using one of your marketing team member’s name as the sender name while sending out an email. It should look like it’s originating from a human and not a robot. Apart from this aspect, try your level best to keep the subject line crisp and short, within 50 characters to be specific.


  • Distorted Images

All will agree that a pixelated image looks terrible. The same holds for excessively squished or overwhelmingly stretched pictures. Make sure you check and adjust them accordingly so that they appear neat and decent.


  • Dynamic Tags

Regarding this, always check whether it’s representing the right information and functioning perfectly. While leveraging tags, make certain that the list is clean and everyone has knowledge about them.


  • Complies with the CAN-SPAM Act

If you desist getting into legal troubles, try your level best to comply with the rules set under the CAN-SPAM Act. How? It’s pretty simple! Make sure the subject line briefly captures the essence of the email body, the template accompanies a valid physical mailing address, covers no falsified information and has an unsubscribe button below.



Get a print out of this checklist and stick it to your cubicle to avert some of the most common errors committed at the time of sending mass personalised emails to your target audience. Since most of the brands today combine email with social media marketing, the silly mistakes can indirectly hamper the latter, proving disastrous to your brand name and reputation. So, be vigilant and thoroughly review them to keep away from poor results and obvious moments of embarrassment.

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